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Whether or not you’re an Imani Showalter fan, there are some interesting tidbits you might not know about him. In this article, you’ll learn about his marriage to Renata Jackson in 2009, as well as his relationship with Marvin Sapp and his move to San Antonio with Stephen Jackson.

Prenuptial agreement

Whether you are married, engaged, or thinking about marriage, a prenuptial agreement is an important document to have in your arsenal. Not only does it protect your assets, but it can also help you avoid having to deal with court cases later on. The prenup is a contract between you and your spouse that spells out the details of how you will be treated financially and how you will deal with the children.

Imani Showalter was a relative unknown when she joined the cast of Basketball Wives: LA. Her first appearance was on the show’s premiere season. She did not appear in the show’s second season and has since moved on to other reality shows. She has also been in a relationship with gospel star Marvin Sapp.

While Imani Showalter has not given much in the way of details about her family, she did post a letter from her lawyers on her Instagram account. She claims the document was sent to her at least three to four months before her wedding. She also says she had tears in her eyes before signing the document.

Stephen Jackson and Imani Showalter were engaged in August of 2005. They planned on marrying in Houston. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, Jackson called several times to get Showalter to sign a prenup. He also wanted to marry her with a specific pastor. He believed it was a ploy to get her to sign under distress.

When Jackson and Showalter broke up, she moved to Los Angeles for a fresh start. Showalter claims she had the prenup signed at least three to four months before the wedding. She says that Jackson’s mom laid out the document. Showalter says that she signed the addendums and initialed them. She will need some representation later on.

In recent news, Stephen Jackson recently got into an altercation with former basketball player Kwame Brown. He has also been in opposition to Shaunie O’Neal. He has been criticized for his “real, actual” wife, but he has not named her. He has also criticized the show’s cast for being “not real wives”.

In the past, Imani Showalter has been spotted attending various events with Marvin. She has also been seen on numerous reality shows, including Basketball Wives: LA.

Relationship with Marvin Sapp

During her time on Basketball Wives: LA, Imani Showalter met gospel singer Marvin Sapp. They were both in Los Angeles for a choir competition. After their first meeting, they remained in touch. The two were spotted attending numerous events together. They also went to various concerts.

Marvin is an American singer, gospel artist and pastor. He is the pastor of the Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has three children with his wife MaLinda. His wife Malinda died from colon cancer in 2010. She had a long battle with cancer.

Sapp has been rumored to have a relationship with Imani Showalter. They met in Los Angeles on Oct. 28, 2011. After meeting, Marvin flew her to his church in Grand Rapids.

They met again during an event hosted by Verizon called How Sweet the Sound. Sapp and Tammy Showalter also attended the Stellar Gospel Awards in Nashville. They shared a great time together and were inseparable. They also co-hosted the Stellar Gospel Awards.

After the death of his wife, Marvin had to raise his children alone. He claims to have performed his parental duties pretty well. He received an A- grade on his parenting skills. He had two daughters – one was eleven and the other was thirteen. They would have turned 21 years old in 2017.

Marvin has been rumored to have dated many women over the past ten years. But, his relationship with Imani Showalter seems to be the first long-term relationship. He believes he will find the right person soon. He is very much focused on music at the moment. He is contributing to the albums Irreplaceable Love and Number 7. He has also released a couple of hit singles.

Imani Showalter has been dating gospel singer Marvin Sapp since last fall. They met in Los Angeles, attended events together and went to various concerts. They are now planning a trip to St. Barths. They have also mended their fences. They have been spotted together at several events.

Michael Sapp was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He participated in a number of gospel singing groups during his teenage years. He left Aenon Bible College in Indianapolis in 1990.

Marriage to Renata Jackson in 2009

During the marriage to Renata Jackson in 2009, a miscarriage took place. It was very emotional for the couple. It was not the first time they had a miscarriage, but it was the first time that they had a child together.

Before they got married, Renata and Stephen dated briefly. The couple met in 2004 at a picnic in Atlanta. They were both going to high school in Georgia. They dated for a few months and then married in 2009.

Renata is a devout Christian and was raised in Georgia. She has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia. She also attended local schools in the area. She is also a member of a mixed ethnic group. She has dark brown hair and is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Renata and Stephen had a very lavish wedding. They had 225 guests and the wedding was held at Westminster United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas. The ceremony was held with a friend of the couple officiating. They had a reception at Hotel Zaza. The couple have a child named Skylar Jessie Jackson.

Renata and Stephen were married for four years before they decided to divorce. Their divorce was messy. It involved a robbery, burglary and a miscarriage. They divorced in 2013.

Renata White has a very interesting police file. She has a history of drug trafficking and aggravated assault. She has also been accused of fleeing from the crime. She is also accused of impersonating a law enforcement officer. She has a lot of bad driving records. She has also had a few ambushes.

In 2010, Renata was robbed by three masked men. The thieves took away her Louis Vuitton wallet and a stun gun. They also took other belongings from the house. She was held at gunpoint. Her husband was not home at the time.

Renata and Stephen have a child named Skylar Jessie. The couple had a beautiful wedding but they ended up filing for divorce in 2013. They agreed to a confidential settlement and settled their divorce in 2015. It was a difficult time for the couple, but it was also a time for them to start their new life together.

Move to San Antonio with Stephen Jackson

Despite being engaged for over a decade, Imani Showalter and Stephen Jackson failed to tie the knot. According to sources, the pair was scheduled to get married in 2005. However, the wedding was cancelled the day before. When Jackson learned that his fiance, Imani Showalter, had not signed a prenuptial agreement, he was forced to drop the wedding.

Showalter is a former star of Basketball Wives LA. She is currently living in Los Angeles with her children. After leaving the show, she has kept a low profile. She posts sporadically on Instagram. She has less than 250 subscribers. She has a YouTube channel with a few videos.

According to Jackson’s source, the pair’s relationship was rocky. The nanny told Jackson that Showalter would sign a prenuptial agreement. But she wasn’t willing. Instead, Showalter wanted a specific pastor to officiate the wedding. It was recommended by Michael Jackson. But the pastor allegedly refused.

Jackson and Showalter were reportedly going to get married in August 2005. On the day of the wedding, Stephen’s mother had a panic attack. She was also not a fan of Imani. She said that she would die if Stephen married Imani.

Jackson and Showalter had two children together. They have a daughter named Taylor. They also have a son named Michael Jackson Jr. They share two pets, a dog and a cat.

Michael Jackson has multiple children from five different women. He pays millions of dollars in child support annually. He has also been married multiple times. He has also been divorced twice. In addition to the children he has with Showalter, he has a daughter with Renata Elizabeth White.

After the marriage fell apart, Imani Showalter moved to Los Angeles with her children. She has kept a low profile since leaving Basketball Wives LA.

Stephen Jackson’s first love was Imani Showalter. He was engaged to her for ten years before they broke up. The pair was to get married on August 2005, but he called off the wedding because he learned that his fiance, Imani, hadn’t signed a prenuptial agreement.