The reason for stumbling on this article might be, you have a plan for getting education in Canada. Canada is recognized for high-quality education worldwide. Canadian universities and colleges host around half a million students from different countries. International students may be provided with better career opportunities after education but in exchange for many compromises. Sometimes, they face discrimination or feel isolated, and it is difficult for them to find an assignment helper, a positive environment, peace of mind, part-time job opportunities, and many more things. They bring hope with them and receive the opposite during their education. However, educational communities try to make all the conditions favourable. However, these are the 5 common challenges they face and the solutions to deal with them.

Financial challenges

This could be the first time for many students to live far away from their homes for education. So, financial management might be difficult initially. This doesn’t mean at all that they lack funds. It may take time for students to understand how to set monthly expense goals.

It would be fair if students considered all these things even before arriving in Canada. They can have a separate counselling session during the account opening. Seeking advice from old students may help them even better.

Challenges to supporting education 

Most international students seek job opportunities to support their education. Giving extra hours at a workplace may take care of their transportation, internet, and other casual things. Sometimes they may want to give a treat to fellows. The majority of students want to settle in Canada, but low pay leaves them stressed about their careers.

They have to master some skills along with studies that match with relevant job opportunities around them. Building strong connections with fellow students and neighbours may assist them in getting a job.


A discriminatory environment creates toxicity among the students. They may face it because of their religion, race, age, and more. This kind of poor environment may halt their growth in their career. Discrimination of any kind can have a drastic impact on the mental health of students living far away from their homes.

There are so many responsible bodies in Canada which ensure that the harassers cannot get away with it. Students facing irrelevant comments and other difficulties need to have some courage. They can tell the authorities in universities or colleges.

Cultural differences

It is difficult for an international student to interact with other students due to the cultural diversity there. It is something that is not done intentionally but happens naturally. New students feel that they are excluded from being socialized. They are not excluded, but it is hard to understand what intention they carry. Maybe the things that are taboo in their country are common there.

For this, they have to observe all the energy that other students have. The reason may be that they are also thinking the same. Misunderstanding can happen to anyone. Small talk with each other may establish a connection. which will lead to fair conversations down the line.

Academic challenges

They have to face some challenges while getting themselves involved in a completely new educational system. No matter how smoothly they went through all their previous academic process, getting aligned with the curriculum here might not be as easy as they thought. Only a few students can meet the deadline when they are asked to complete certain tasks.

They should not take academic procedures as a problem. It is an opportunity for them to learn new things. Managing time may help them to perform all the tasks efficiently. Whenever it is needed, it is best if they seek help from their classmates. Taking notes, asking questions, contacting online assignment writing services, hanging out on weekends, and participating in activities are all essential things at this stage.


As discussed above, it may be challenging for students, but some students accept it as an opportunity to learn new things. No matter how challenging studying abroad can be, it can never break a scholar’s hopes. Thousands, even tens of thousands, of students come here to complete their higher education. Most of them decide to settle on this land. After successfully spending several years here, they refuse to leave this well-settled place.

Author’s bio

XYZ is a former student of a reputed university in Canada. He is an immigrant who came here in 2010 with lots of dreams. XYZ has also faced all the above challenges. Initially, it was difficult for him to encounter such problems. He would feel inferior to others when it came time to face modern culture here. He considered leaving the place at times, but as time passed, he began to digest things as they were. After completing his graduation from Canada, he even completed his Masters from the same university. Today, XYZ is a professor at a Canadian university.


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