Canada is one of the most lucrative countries for MBA students because of the vast opportunities available. If you want to study in an MBA program in Canada, you must score more than 550 on the Graduate Management Entrance Test (GMAT). However, the average GMAT exam score for MBA applicants is 606 points. 

A school’s position in the business school hierarchy is directly related to the school’s GMAT score. Schools that are ranked higher tend to have better test scores. Some schools have tougher admissions criteria because schools don’t have the required minimum scores, while some have a minimum requirement on the average GMAT scores. Higher GMAT scores do not appear to be related to age or work experience. The average GMAT score required by MBA schools across Canada is around 550.

Top 10 Canadian MBA Schools’ GMAT Requirements

One of the most important requirements for getting into one of Canada’s top MBA schools is having a minimum GMAT score. In addition to the GMAT exam, some of the best business schools have additional admission requirements. High GPA, work experience, IELTS score, professional references, and face-to-face or online interviews are among these prerequisites. To find out the exact criteria for the MBA program you’re interested in, check the university’s website.

It is important to note that the top GMAT-accepting colleges in Canada have a higher average GMAT requirement than most other institutions. While their GMAT requirements are strict, their other criteria are lower and more or less comparable to other colleges. Due to the significant volume of applications received by these top-tier Canadian MBA schools, the admissions process is challenging, and the average scores are higher too.

If the GMAT cut-off score is lowered, it increases the risk of increased competition. If you maintain an above-average score, your profile rating will be high and your chances of getting admission also increase.

It’s not easy to get into one of Canada’s best MBA programs with an average GMAT score. GMAT scores are extremely important from an admissions standpoint, and universities use them to determine the authenticity of your application. But the good news is that institutions realise that the GMAT isn’t the only way to gauge an applicant’s potential.

In reality, getting into one of Canada’s best business schools doesn’t depend solely on a flawless GMAT score. To build a presentable application, your academic graph should be commendable. A thorough history of professional experience is also important, along with your leadership abilities and communication skills.

  • The average (GMAT) score required by MBA schools in Canada ranges from 500 to 600.
  • The school’s ranking and reputation are directly proportional to the score they demand.
  • Schools with a good reputation and demand tend to keep their cut-off scores high.

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