Anyone who wants to travel the world should make it a goal to visit Australia. Visitors are granted a 90-day visa by the Australian government, giving them plenty of time to explore the nation. However, travelling to Australia does involve some risk due to its wonders and adventures. Online travel insurance with visitor health coverage for Australia will help you make the most of your time in Australia.

Find out what you need about travel insurance, safety, and security for an Australian trip.

Does Australia require travel insurance?

Although it is not necessary to have travel insurance to visit Australia, it is highly recommended. If you can’t afford travel insurance, you shouldn’t travel, according to Australia’s government travel agency.

The cost of medical care for tourists and travellers in Australia can be high. A trip to the dentist or doctor may cost several hundred dollars. The average expense of a hospital stay for illnesses or emergencies is several thousand dollars, sometimes even more. Visitor health insurance is a worthwhile investment if you get sick or hurt while visiting Australia.

Before enrolling in an Australia travel insurance plan, carefully read the terms and conditions of your travel insurance. Try to align the insurance coverage with your travel requirements and trip plans. When considering travel insurance plans, ensure the appropriate adventure sports insurance is included, for instance, if you plan to scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef. Make sure your coverage will cover any pre-existing medical issues you have.

Even though some nations reciprocally provide health care to Australia, some of their visitors still opt for an Australia travel insurance plan. In the reciprocal health care agreement, individuals from certain countries may be eligible for coverage for emergency medical care in Australia. The United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Italy, and Malta are among these nations.

Visitors from these nations still buy travel insurance that includes full health coverage for trips to Australia. More advantages come with travel health insurance than with standard emergency care. These include assistance with repatriation or unique travel arrangements following an emergency.

Beyond travel health insurance, travellers to Australia from November 2021 onwards must be protected against COVID-19. Visit the Department of Home Affairs for recent information on COVID-19 and international travel from Australia.

For the purpose of booking your flight to Australia, you may have already verified your vaccination status. Additionally, you must use your Australia Travel Declaration to verify your COVID-19 vaccination with the Australian government. Filling out this Declaration 72 hours before takeoff is simple and cost-free. When checking into your flight, you must also bring proof of your COVID-19 vaccination. Your vaccination certificate must attest that you received a vaccination using a vaccine that Australia’s TGA has approved or recognised. This is needed apart from your travel insurance policy.

Additionally, visitors who have spent time in a region at risk for yellow fever within the six days before their arrival in Australia must provide documentation of their yellow fever vaccination.

If you intend to engage in outdoor activities where a bat bite could occur, such as caving or volunteering for conservation, you should get vaccinated against rabies. Get the rabies vaccine two weeks before your trip, and remember to bring your vaccination record with you.

Bring any medication and prescriptions you need

You must also bring your medications to Australia and print copies of any required prescriptions. Try to pack enough to last the duration of your journey. Bring a prescription from your doctor, a note with the generic name of any medications you require, and information on why you need them. But first, get your online travel insurance.

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