Motorcycle decals are cool and appealing, and they are great to show that you are your bike’s owner. The best thing about accessorising your motorcycle with decals is that they are removable. Therefore, you can replace motorcycle decals with minimal effort. 

Furthermore, the replacement of a bike decal is pretty simple. Riders usually tend to get tired of their decals after a specific time period. Instead, you should opt for Kawasaki graphics to change the overall looks of your motorcycle. 

But at times, motorcycle decals can be difficult to remove. Moreover, a majority of motorcycle owners out there don’t have the idea to remove decals properly. But with some simple hacks, you would be able to remove motorcycle decals efficiently. So let’s take a glance at some practical tips to remove motorcycle decals.    

Tools you need to remove Motorcycle Decals 

Here are some tools you’ll need to remove motorcycle decals. 

  • Multi-purpose lubricant
  • Hairdryer or a heat gun 
  • Motorcycle paint wax 
  • A dry microfiber towel 
  • Plastic scraper 
  • You can also use an old ID card as a scraper

Ensure that you park your motorcycle outside to get the maximum amount of ambient light. 

Scraping the Decals

CRF250 CRF450 2021 2022 Sector Graphics

You can always change your Honda graphics through good scraping. Ideally, when you hear scraping, it is natural to think of the aggressiveness of the method. Note that you should scrap gently to ensure that there is minimum damage to the paint. Scraping is an ideal way to remove printed decals from the motorcycle’s surface. You should use the plastic scraper to get rid of the decals.  

Loosen the Decal with a Lubricant 

After years of application, the decals will always be hard to eradicate. Moreover, if the adhesive of the decals is of good quality, it will be a bit tough to remove them. 

That’s why you should use a lubricant to loosen the decal. Invest in a good quality multi-purpose emollient like the WD-40. Spray WD-40 lubricant evenly and wait for some time. Then, you should try eliminating the saturated decal with the microfiber cloth. 

Heating the Motorcycle Decal for Effective Removal 

YZF250 YZF450 YZ125 MX Decals

Yamaha graphics are your best bet to customise the motorcycle. But if you are using it for a long time period, it is customary to change the decal. The most effective way to remove motorcycle decals is by heating them properly. 

You should heat the decal with a heat gun or dryer. However, one should be cautious while using heat to remove motorcycle decals. Both these devices can become quite hot, which can affect the paint. Moreover, there are motorcycle parts that are prone to damage from heat.   

Use of Wax 

Wax is necessary if you want to blend the surface with the rest of the motorcycle. Modern-day decals use a strong adhesive, which can chip away the shine of the surface. By applying wax in the correct quantity, you can restore shine. 

So as you can see, there are various ways to remove the decals from your motorcycle. You should follow these methods properly to get the desired outcomes.


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